About Us

Q: What comes with our puppy?

A: All Dapper Doodles of TN puppies have a 2 year genetic health guarantee, will be microchipped, will have vet clearance from our vet, all age required vaccinations and de-wormings. Your puppy will also be given a starter pack of puppy food, a folder with information about your puppy and recommended resources. Your puppy will also receive a care bag of a few items with their mother and littermate's scent.

Q: Can I breed my puppy?

A: No. The reason we are very strict about this is that we are PASSIONATE about producing healthy, well tempered puppies from genetically superior parents. We do take our choice to breed our dogs very seriously and want to make sure that we do not produce puppies that will have genetic issues or problems with behavior. Breeding rights could be considered for established and responsible breeders.

Q: Can I bring my own dog/cat to meet the puppy I am planning to purchase?

A: No. In an effort to keep our litters healthy and safe, we do not allow other animals outside of our household to visit with our puppies. Our puppies are socialized with other dogs inside our household and with our family and small circle of caretakers.