Standard F1b Goldendoodle

Cream in color

Weighs 40 lbs  

Stands 21.5" tall (withers to floor)

CKC Registered: Ford's Rose Gold

Rosie is a very even tempered, loving and friendly girl. She loves to run and play with children and other dogs. Rosie does believe that she is a "lap dog" and crawls into our laps very frequently. She loves to be with her family and sleeps with us every night. Her snuggles are the BEST!

Embark DNA Testing: Rosie is 73.2% Standard Poodle and 26.8% Golden Retriever. Rosie's coat is curlier, very soft and little to no shed.


Click Here to access Rosie's Embark test results.

Health test results available upon request.


Moyen Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

Cream, Red and White in color

Weighs 35 lbs  

Stands 19" tall (withers to floor)

Courtesy of Dallas Doodles | The Fuller Family

Duke's personality is by far one of the best things about him. He is very calm, level headed and tends to look before he reacts. Not to mention his overall breathtaking coloring and appearance. His coat is extremely soft. Duke is gentle with children and other animals.

Embark DNA Testing: Duke is 50.6% Standard Poodle, 27.5% Small Poodle and 21.9% Golden Retriever. Duke's coat is wavy, very soft and little shedding.


Health and DNA test results available upon request.

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