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Standard F1b Goldendoodle

Cream in color

Weighs 40 lbs  

Stands 21.5" tall (withers to floor)

CKC Registered: Ford's Rose Gold

Rosie is a very even tempered, loving and friendly girl. She loves to run and play with children and other dogs. Rosie does believe that she is a "lap dog" and crawls into our laps very frequently. She loves to be with her family and sleeps with one of us every night. Her snuggles are the BEST!

Embark DNA Testing: Rosie is 73.2% Standard Poodle and 26.8% Golden Retriever. Rosie's coat is curlier, very soft and little to no shed.


Click Here to access Rosie's Embark test results.

Health test results available upon request.


Standard F1 Goldendoodle

Apricot in color

Weighs 55 lbs  

Stands 24" tall (withers to floor)

Molly's personality is by far one of the best things about her. She is very calm, level headed and always ready for a hug! Molly has beautiful apricot coloring, a silky soft coat and the boxy head appearance of a Golden Retriever. Her coat is extremely soft and wavy. Molly is Hallie's best friend and wants to be wherever Hallie is. 

Embark DNA Testing: Results pending.


Molly's coat is wavy, very soft and little shedding.


Health and DNA test results available upon request.

Molly 6.jpg
Molly 4_edited.jpg
Molly 3.jpg
Molly 5.jpg
Ginger 4.jpeg
Wendy 2.jpg
Ginger 1.jpg
ginger 3.jpeg


Small Standard Goldendoodle

Gold in color

Weighs 40 lbs  

Stands 19" tall (withers to floor)

Ginger is a Dapper Doodles of Tennessee puppy from Rosie's very first litter. Ginger is such a precious girl. Very smart and catches on to new activities and tricks quickly. Ginger has never met a stranger and enjoys keeping her human mama company during her early morning coffee and devotional. Ginger also loves to play with her human dad and loves walks with her family. Ginger lives in one of our amazing Guardian homes and is definitely the queen of her castle!

Embark DNA testing: Completed.


Health and DNA test results available upon request.


Mini Goldendoodle

Gold and White in color

Weighs 20 lbs  

Stands 14" tall (withers to floor)

Honey is a petite and dainty pup that loves to be front and center in your life! This precious pup is an alpha, even though she's tiny, and desires to be right with her humans more than anything in this world. Honey loves to play and can be mischievous, but she has perfected the "puppy dog eyes" ensuring that she never gets in trouble! Honey lives in one of our amazing Guardian homes and is so lucky to be so loved by her sweet family.

Embark DNA testing: Pending results.


Health and DNA test results available upon request.

Honey 6.jpg
Honey 2.jpg
Honey 7.jpg
Honey 3.jpg
Oliver 1.jpeg
Oliver 4.jpeg
Oliver 2.jpg
Oliver 3.jpeg

Mini Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

Red and White in color

Weighs 24 lbs  

Stands 16" tall (withers to floor)

Meet Oliver, our goofy boy! We call him the "Little, Big Guy" because he may be small in stature, but his personality is as big as the sky! Oliver is very laid back and easy going, but also such a goofball. He wants nothing more than to be with his people - especially Kevin - all the time. Oliver loves to zoom around the yard and chase ducks and then come inside to snuggle with his humans. Oliver is super snuggly and with his soft, wavy hair, we LOVE to sunggle him!


Animal Genetics DNA testing has been completed.


Oliver's coat is soft, silky and wavy with little shedding.


Health and DNA test results available upon request.

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