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Puppy Deposit

A $500.00 PUPPY DEPOSIT is required in order to be placed on the Waitlist. Your deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy.  Those placing a PUPPY DEPOSIT will be given first choice of the puppies, male or female of their choice, in the order that their deposits were received. Your PUPPY DEPOSIT does not guarantee gender, color and/or size. No puppy will be considered on hold until final payment has been made.


 - The Dam does not produce enough puppies, in which case your deposit will be fully refunded, or you may choose to have it transferred to a different or upcoming litter (please note that if any upcoming litter has previous deposits, those previous deposits will have priority). 

 - If something unforeseeable were to happen to your chosen puppy, in which case your deposit would be fully refunded or you may choose to apply your deposit towards the purchase of another puppy from another litter. 

The PUPPY DEPOSIT signifies good intent on the behalf of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy.

Please remember that I reserve the right to have the first and second pick of any litter for my program or for the stud's program.

PUPPY DEPOSITS may be made with Cash, Venmo or Zelle. Once you have decided on a litter or puppy and are ready to place your puppy deposit, we will hold your place in line for 2 days while waiting to receive your deposit.

ALL PUPPIES WITH A DEPOSIT PLACED ON THEM MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BY THE TIME THEY ARE 6 WEEKS OF AGE. Puppies must be picked up by 9 weeks of age (unless previously discussed with us), or the puppy will be placed with the next individual on the waitlist and the deposit will be forfeited. Puppies staying longer than 9 weeks with us are subjected to a $30 per day boarding fee.

If you are shipping your puppy, you will need to finalize plans for a flight nanny/transportation and relay that information to us 3 weeks prior to the go home date. Any delay in the final payment could result in a delay in shipping or picking up your puppy and additional fees.  It is agreed that the Buyer accepts all responsibility for any additional boarding and shipping fees.

You are welcome to pay for your puppy in full at any time.


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